3 Ways You Can Maintain Your Carpet

October 30, 2021by Daniel

3 Ways You Can Maintain Your Carpet

How often should you clean your carpet? What’s the best way to deep clean your carpet? Is it safe to vacuum carpet with an upright vacuum? These are all important questions that are easy to answer if you know the basics of how to maintain your carpet. Whether you have wood, tile, or stone floors, this guide will teach you how to keep them looking their best while reducing your exposure to dust particles and allergens in your home or office

1) Vacuum Regularly to Remove Dust Particles

The first thing you can do to keep your carpet looking and feeling great is to vacuum regularly.

Vacuuming doesn’t remove all of those pesky dust particles from your carpet, though.

That means you should make sure you have a good quality upright or canister vacuum cleaner that will remove as many of those dust particles as possible before they become permanent residents in your carpet.

2) Get Rid of Dust Particles with Professional Cleaning

Carpets can be a breeding ground for allergens such as dust mites, bacteria, and fungi.

This is especially true of older carpets that contain stains, burns, or holes.

To protect your children from possible illnesses caused by allergens, it’s important to regularly clean their carpets.

Carpets should be cleaned at least once a year and homeowners with children under age five should clean their carpets every three months.

When you hire professionals to provide you with carpet cleaning services, they will ensure your carpets are completely free of dust mites and bacteria before returning them to you.

If you have allergies, getting your carpets cleaned regularly can help reduce your symptoms.

3) Vacuuming Too Much Can Damage Your Carpet

If you’re vacuuming your carpet more than once a week, you could be doing more harm than good.

Every time you vacuum your carpet, it pulls out an extremely small amount of dirt and fiber from within each of those fibers.

Over time, with excessive vacuuming, it is possible to pull too much of that dirt and fiber out, leaving noticeable bald spots in your carpeting.

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